Forest for the Trees

Amongst the dwarves

De’adry has died at the hands of Troglodytes and Thaddeus nearly escaped death. Our group of heroes was captured by dwarves and taken to their leader Ozruk. Atriel, the sister to De’adry followed us into the cave and was captured aswell. Ozurk was not pleased that the dwarves home was found but made a deal with Thaddeus. He would lead the dwarves to a new home as it looked like their current one would soon be crushed by the roots of trees. After leaving the cave we found an acid pool containing the Telescope of Teleportation which we managed to gather. They also re-entered the bandits came and found the The Emerald Slug (which had been Serah’s). Shortly after we came upon a cave which was inhabited by Klush the ice dragon. He demanded tribite but thaddeus decided it was best that we attack him instead. With much difficulty, klush was slain by scrump (who killed them from the inside). As a result Scrump was frozen in a block of ice.


farnworthkevin ceaton

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