Forest for the Trees

Arrival In Nulty's harbour

session number...4?

While Thaddeus went to investigate the The Wanderer‘s temple nearby, Shrike, Scrump and Atriel went to Nulty’s harbour to speak with Duke Silus about providing aid to the Rift Walkers. He was not pleased by this request but he made a deal with Atriel, if they helped to discover the source of the strange disappearances and reappearances of the townspeople then he would grant the Rift walkers temporary stay. The group went to the tavern and discovered some clues from a wandering minstrel. This led them to an inn that was boarded up in which they found a hoard of cavedwelling goblins! They slew the goblins and discovered an underground tunnel in the the basement. They also rescued a young man, his wife and his father. It seemed that his mother had also been taken and was likely down in the tunnels. The trio decided to rescue her, along the way Shrike heard a voice telling him to lead his friends into danger. He gave in to the enchantment and let scrump fall into the arms of a Roper. During the battle he also pushed Atriel into danger. Thankfully, with some quick thinking and keen senses they discovered the monster’s weakness and killed it. Atriel new that Shrike had pushed her and when he confessed to doing it but not know why she attempted to remove the enchantment. She failed, causing the enchantment to enter her. Atriel then tried to attack Scrump but was thrwarted and had her axe given to Serah. They eventually moved along the tunnel to a room where they discovered a Naga (the source of the enchantment) and a hoard of goblins. Our heros fought and killed the Naga and her minions and are now resting before they continue their quest.


farnworthkevin ceaton

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