Forest for the Trees


This is why no one brags about killing a dragon.

The dragon we killed was emissary to the ice forest and now there will be a war. Whoops. Scrump was still frozen from the encounter so we headed to Mesa Pass to get help from Atriel‘s people. Meanwhile Thaddeus is determined to turn the dragon remains into armour and weapons so he tried to get some help from the dwarves. They didn’t appreciate this much so they pumelled him and through him into a pit. He Escaped though. At this time Shrike also went in search of the poacher’s location. He found them, attempted to dismantle their slug harvesting machines and got caught. It seems they may have put an enchantment on hi then sent him on his way. When our heroes gathered once more we decided to seek aid to head towards the ice forest to try and smooth matters over. Along the way we will try to make some cool dragon gear and find a place for the rift walkers to settle before they can go back home.


farnworthkevin ceaton

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