Forest for the Trees

The begining

Our group consisting of Shrike Scrump the Giant Thaddeus and De’adry gathered in Mesa Pass. De’adry’s mother had died of rot grub making de’adry the new matriarch of the Rift Walkers clan. Before a ritual burial could be performed De’adry’s home was attacked by bandits. We managed to kill them and discover that they were hired by poachers who were hiding somewhere deeper in the forests. Oh and we discovered Serah who was trying to sneak up on De’adry and stab her. We tracked down the bandits camp which was in ruins and were attacked by Troglodytes. De’adry died,. Thaddeus had a near death encounter and met his god The Wanderer who commanded him to go into the rift. The rest of us fled into a tunnel.


farnworthkevin ceaton

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